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Equitox- Activated Carbon Toxin Binder

Equitox is a an Australian Made Activated carbon and is a "must have" product to have at the stables. You can't afford not to have it.

Activated Carbon is a great product to have in the stables.

Activated Carbon acts like a big sponge and adsorbs the toxins so they can safely be passed through the animal.
There are many conditions in horses which are caused by or aggravated by the presence of toxins in the gut. The removal of these toxins with Activated Carbon may help to relieve symptoms.

The use of activated carbon may help:
Keep hooves healthy

Maintain a shiny coat

Maintain a clean and healthy tail (and no more poo stains)

Maintain and balance a healthy gut

Maintain well-formed stools
To improve performance
Make your horse less "fizzy"
Can be used as a wound dressing

Our activated Carbon is made right here in Perth, WA so your purchase is supporting Australian based businesses. The activated carbon is a premium product which has been manufactured to the highest standards including for human use. It doesn't have harmful chemicals and antibiotics that are in many other products which are used to treat the same ailments and it has no nasty side effects.  Large doses MAY cause constipation in rare cases.

The use of activated carbon is not a substitute for proper nutritional or veterinary advice. Please contact your vet before using activated carbon if your horse is on medications.
For Animal Consumption Only


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The Merck Vet Manual has an extensive list of the uses of Activated Carbon (Activated Charcoal) for poisoning in animals. Click here to have a browse.